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Preventing access to flat roofs

Flat Roofs seem to be a magnet for children as well as vandals, burglars and other undesirables.

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Walled Gardens/Public Areas

Discreet and effective, Roller Barrier is the natural choice where an aggressive anti-climb device is not an option.

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How does it work?

The system is designed to be installed at a height where any would be climbers have to reach up to grab it.

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Parks & Gardens

Blending in with parkland surroundings, green Roller Barrier is an easy retro-fit to existing walls or fences.

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Double Row Roller Barrier

The double row Roller Barrier installation shown here, was installed above low walls and gates surrounding an adult learning facility.

Our Roller Barrier® installation services requires an initial site visit fee of £29.99 which covers the travelling expense and the expected 2-4 hrs to measure the perimeter of your site in which to prepare the 3D CAD illustration, which we charge a further fee of £199 this prepared illustration will then shown to you on our FREE second visit.

Please note this package does not include any type of media offering, you will view a 3D visual illustration of your facility clearly demonstrating how we intend to install your Roller Barrier® and our retrofit DuraPost® fencing system.

We retain all intellectual property rights to the design and customers most be aware it can take 2-4 weeks to complete.

The fee for this service will be deducted from our installation charge once the project has been completed, “Please note this is a none-refundable service due to the length and time taken to produce your personal 3D CAD illustration.

We charge £48 per meter run for our labour installation services plus costs of materials such as Roller Barrier® and DuraPost® components, price may change due to your location, difficulty, height of the existing fencing/building and the landscape conditions of your site.

We may be willing to install outside our normal 25 mile radius subject to agreement and suitable requirements.

Unfortunately we do not install within any Cities CLEAN AIR ZONES, unless otherwise agreed in advance.
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Roller Barrier® 3D CAD Design and Installation Service

As part of our company motto “Keep It Safe, Keep it Secure, Security Matters” we are now adding Roller Barrier® anti climb security for perimeters to our 4tress4u® services, this simple effective anti climb barrier for fences and walls which helps prevent opportunist ascending your outer fence, gate or building due to its free spinning large diameter Cups that prevent the smallest and largest hands from getting a firm grip.

This non-aggressive free spinning Roller Barrier® system is favoured by authorities, institutions, and is now affordable to our commercial and domestic customers within a 25 mile radius of our office address.

We offer our 4tress4u® installation services for the West Midlands, Solihull, Knowle, Sutton Coldfield, Four Oaks, Walmley, Bournville, Shirley, Wombourne, Stratford-Upon-Upon Avon, Tanworth-in Arden, Alvechurch Bromsgrove, Clent, Earlswood, Kinver, Quorn, Aldridge, Leicestershire and surrounding areas.

We have designed a unique retrofit design incorporating DuraPost® components which enables your existing Palisades metal fencing to be more secure with optional lower/upper DuraPost® reinforcement rods and DuraPost® gravel boards and Roller Barrier® anti climb security to complete the over all package service.

Opportunist gangs are no longer deterred by CCTV, Alarms, Palisades or similar metal perimeter fencing, your daily used operational equipment such a your truck batteries are now becoming a target for its scrap value not just the goods within your truck or buildings.

With this in mind we have created our Mk7-T battery clasp protection for truck batteries, our first prototype as been developed for fleet owners of the DAF 180 LF Truck call us for more details of our unique “Keep it Secure” product other variations will be introduced by request.

Installing a Roller Barrier® system means you won't be plagued with "No Win No Fee" injury lawyer claims due to someone injuring themselves from your installation, which could also include staff, children and the general public as Roller Barrier® anti climb system is Tried and Tested to be none-aggressive and safe to install on your existing fencing/buildings without planning permission and comes with a 5 year manufacturers warranty with an operational life expected to be in excess of 15 years.

Roller Barrier® looks great helps to prevent attempted break-ins and may reduce insurance claims without making your facility look and feel like a prison for your staff or customers, then our 4tress4u® Roller Barrier® installation service is ready to “Keep it Safe, Keep it Secure for you!

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